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Underwater Image Enhancement Based on Structure-Texture Reconstruction

by   Sen Lin, et al.

Aiming at the problems of color distortion, blur and excessive noise of underwater image, an underwater image enhancement algorithm based on structure-texture reconstruction is proposed. Firstly, the color equalization of the degraded image is realized by the automatic color enhancement algorithm; Secondly, the relative total variation is introduced to decompose the image into the structure layer and texture layer; Then, the best background light point is selected based on brightness, gradient discrimination, and hue judgment, the transmittance of the backscatter component is obtained by the red dark channel prior, which is substituted into the imaging model to remove the fogging phenomenon in the structure layer. Enhancement of effective details in the texture layer by multi scale detail enhancement algorithm and binary mask; Finally, the structure layer and texture layer are reconstructed to get the final image. The experimental results show that the algorithm can effectively balance the hue, saturation, and clarity of underwater image, and has good performance in different underwater environments.


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