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Understanding the influence of Individual's Self-efficacy for Information Systems Security Innovation Adoption: A Systematic Literature Review

by   Mumtaz Abdul Hameed, et al.

Information Systems security cannot be fully apprehended if the user lacks the required knowledge and skills to effectively apply the safeguard measures. Knowledge and skills enhance one's self-efficacy. Individual self-efficacy is an important element in ensuring Information Systems safeguard effectiveness. In this research, we explore the role of individual's self-efficacy for Information Systems security adoption. The study uses the method of Systematic Literature Review using 42 extant studies to evaluate individual self- efficacy for Information Systems security innovation adoption. The systematic review findings reveal the appropriateness of the existing empirical investigations on the individual self-efficacy for Information Systems security adoption. Furthermore, the review results confirmed the significance of the relationship between individual self-efficacy and Information Systems security adoption. In addition, the study validates the past administration of the research on this subject in terms of sample size, sample subject and theoretical grounds.


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