Understanding Dynamic Scenes using Graph Convolution Networks

by   Sravan Mylavarapu, et al.

We present a novel Multi Relational Graph Convolutional Network (MRGCN) to model on-road vehicle behaviours from a sequence of temporally ordered frames as grabbed by a moving monocular camera. The input to MRGCN is a Multi Relational Graph (MRG) where the nodes of the graph represent the active and passive participants/agents in the scene while the bidrectional edges that connect every pair of nodes are encodings of the spatio-temporal relations. The bidirectional edges of the graph encode the temporal interactions between the agents that constitute the two nodes of the edge. The proposed method of obtaining his encoding is shown to be specifically suited for the problem at hand as it outperforms more complex end to end learning methods that do not use such intermediate representations of evolved spatio-temporal relations between agent pairs. We show significant performance gain in the form of behaviour classification accuracy on a variety of datasets from different parts of the globe over prior methods as well as show seamless transfer without any resort to fine-tuning across multiple datasets. Such behaviour prediction methods find immediate relevance in a variety of navigation tasks such as behaviour planning, state estimation as well as in applications relating to detection of traffic violations over videos.


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