Uncertainty-Aware Model-Based Reinforcement Learning with Application to Autonomous Driving

by   Jingda Wu, et al.

To further improve the learning efficiency and performance of reinforcement learning (RL), in this paper we propose a novel uncertainty-aware model-based RL (UA-MBRL) framework, and then implement and validate it in autonomous driving under various task scenarios. First, an action-conditioned ensemble model with the ability of uncertainty assessment is established as the virtual environment model. Then, a novel uncertainty-aware model-based RL framework is developed based on the adaptive truncation approach, providing virtual interactions between the agent and environment model, and improving RL's training efficiency and performance. The developed algorithms are then implemented in end-to-end autonomous vehicle control tasks, validated and compared with state-of-the-art methods under various driving scenarios. The validation results suggest that the proposed UA-MBRL method surpasses the existing model-based and model-free RL approaches, in terms of learning efficiency and achieved performance. The results also demonstrate the good ability of the proposed method with respect to the adaptiveness and robustness, under various autonomous driving scenarios.



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