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UAVs Formation Flight under Multiple Obstacle and Communication Constraints

by   Hu Jin, et al.

In order to improve the communication of the UAV network when the UAV formation in a complex military mission environment. This paper proposed formation reconfiguration strategy under complexities mission environment. We take the problem of multi-UAV formation reconfiguration transform into nonlinear inequality constraints optimization by mathematic approach. (i)design multi-objective multi-constraints optimization function for different task of UAVs and complexities mission environment, and get an optimal model.(ii) Using Pareto optimal theory transform the multi-objective optimization problem into single optimization problem.(iii)finally, we apply the primal-dual Newton interior point algorithm to process the convex optimal problem. In order to verify the high efficiency of this method, a series of simulation experiments are designed. The experiment shows that the method in this paper has the lowest energy consumption while maintaining the connectivity of the UAV formation network.


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