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U.S. Power Resilience for 2002–2017

by   Aman Ankit, et al.

Prolonged power outages debilitate the economy and threaten public health. Existing research is generally limited in its scope to a single event, an outage cause, or a region. Here, we provide one of the most comprehensive analyses of U.S. power outages for 2002–2017. We categorized all outage data collected under U.S. federal mandates into four outage causes and computed industry-standard reliability metrics. Our spatiotemporal analysis reveals six of the most resilient U.S. states since 2010, improvement of power resilience against natural hazards in the south and northeast regions, and a disproportionately large number of human attacks for its population in the Western Electricity Coordinating Council region. Our regression analysis identifies several statistically significant predictors and hypotheses for power resilience. Furthermore, we propose a novel framework for analyzing outage data using differential weighting and influential points to better understand power resilience. We share curated data and code as Supplementary Materials.


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