Two Influence Maximization Games on Graphs Made Temporal

05/12/2021 ∙ by Niclas Boehmer, et al. ∙ 0

To address the dynamic nature of real-world networks, we generalize competitive diffusion games and Voronoi games from static to temporal graphs, where edges may appear or disappear over time. This establishes a new direction of studies in the area of graph games, motivated by applications such as influence spreading. As a first step, we investigate the existence of Nash equilibria in competitive diffusion and Voronoi games on different temporal graph classes. Even when restricting our studies to temporal paths and cycles, this turns out to be a challenging undertaking, revealing significant differences between the two games in the temporal setting. Notably, both games are equivalent on static paths and cycles. Our two main technical results are (algorithmic) proofs for the existence of Nash equilibria in temporal competitive diffusion and temporal Voronoi games when the edges are restricted not to disappear over time.



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