Two-dimensional Multi-fiber Spectrum Image Correction Based on Machine Learning Techniques

by   Jiali Xu, et al.

Due to limited size and imperfect of the optical components in a spectrometer, aberration has inevitably been brought into two-dimensional multi-fiber spectrum image in LAMOST, which leads to obvious spacial variation of the point spread functions (PSFs). Consequently, if spatial variant PSFs are estimated directly , the huge storage and intensive computation requirements result in deconvolutional spectral extraction method become intractable. In this paper, we proposed a novel method to solve the problem of spatial variation PSF through image aberration correction. When CCD image aberration is corrected, PSF, the convolution kernel, can be approximated by one spatial invariant PSF only. Specifically, machine learning techniques are adopted to calibrate distorted spectral image, including Total Least Squares (TLS) algorithm, intelligent sampling method, multi-layer feed-forward neural networks. The calibration experiments on the LAMOST CCD images show that the calibration effect of proposed method is effectible. At the same time, the spectrum extraction results before and after calibration are compared, results show the characteristics of the extracted one-dimensional waveform are more close to an ideal optics system, and the PSF of the corrected object spectrum image estimated by the blind deconvolution method is nearly central symmetry, which indicates that our proposed method can significantly reduce the complexity of spectrum extraction and improve extraction accuracy.


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