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TSO: Curriculum Generation using continuous optimization

by   Dipankar Sarkar, et al.

The training of deep learning models poses vast challenges of including parameter tuning and ordering of training data. Significant research has been done in Curriculum learning for optimizing the sequence of training data. Recent works have focused on using complex reinforcement learning techniques to find the optimal data ordering strategy to maximize learning for a given network. In this paper, we present a simple and efficient technique based on continuous optimization. We call this new approach Training Sequence Optimization (TSO). There are three critical components in our proposed approach: (a) An encoder network maps/embeds training sequence into continuous space. (b) A predictor network uses the continuous representation of a strategy as input and predicts the accuracy for fixed network architecture. (c) A decoder further maps a continuous representation of a strategy to the ordered training dataset. The performance predictor and encoder enable us to perform gradient-based optimization in the continuous space to find the embedding of optimal training data ordering with potentially better accuracy. Experiments show that we can gain 2AP with our generated optimal curriculum strategy over the random strategy using the CIFAR-100 dataset and have better boosts than the state of the art CL algorithms. We do an ablation study varying the architecture, dataset and sample sizes showcasing our approach's robustness.


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