TruthBot: An Automated Conversational Tool for Intent Learning, Curated Information Presenting, and Fake News Alerting

01/31/2021 ∙ by Ankur Gupta, et al. ∙ 17

We present TruthBot, an all-in-one multilingual conversational chatbot designed for seeking truth (trustworthy and verified information) on specific topics. It helps users to obtain information specific to certain topics, fact-check information, and get recent news. The chatbot learns the intent of a query by training a deep neural network from the data of the previous intents and responds appropriately when it classifies the intent in one of the classes above. Each class is implemented as a separate module that uses either its own curated knowledge-base or searches the web to obtain the correct information. The topic of the chatbot is currently set to COVID-19. However, the bot can be easily customized to any topic-specific responses. Our experimental results show that each module performs significantly better than its closest competitor, which is verified both quantitatively and through several user-based surveys in multiple languages. TruthBot has been deployed in June 2020 and is currently running.



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