Trust-Based Winnow Linear Multiplicative Classification For Secure Multipath Routing In Manet

by   A. S. Narmadha, et al.

Multipath routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) plays a significant concern for secured data transmission by avoiding the attack nodes in the network. In order to overcome such limitations, a Winnow Trust based Multipath Route Discovery (WT-MRD) Mechanism is proposed. It constructs multiple paths from source to destination with higher security and lesser time. Initially, the trust value of each node is calculated based on the node cooperative count, data packet forwarding rate and packet drop rate by Neighbor Node-based Trust Calculation (NN-TC) Model. After calculating the trust value, the nodes are classified as normal or malicious by using Winnow Linear Multiplicative Classification (WLMC) Algorithm. With the help of normal nodes, the WT-MRD Mechanism finds multipath from source to destination by sending a two control message RREQ and RREP. Source node transmits a route request RREQ to the neighboring node for constructing the multiple route paths. After receiving the RREQ message, the neighboring node maintains the route table where the source information and next hop information are present. Then Route Reply (RREP) messages are sent from neighboring node to source node. By this way, multiple route paths from source to destination are constructed with a higher security level. Keywords: Cooperative Count, Data Packet Dropped Rate, Data Packet Forwarded Rate, Multipath Routing, Security, Trust Value, Winnow Linear Multiplicative Classification


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