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Tropical Laurent series, their tropical roots, and localization results for the eigenvalues of nonlinear matrix functions

by   Gian Maria Negri Porzio, et al.

Tropical roots of tropical polynomials have been previously studied and used to localize roots of classical polynomials and eigenvalues of matrix polynomials. We extend the theory of tropical roots from tropical polynomials to tropical Laurent series. Our proposed definition ensures that, as in the polynomial case, there is a bijection between tropical roots and slopes of the Newton polygon associated with the tropical Laurent series. We show that, unlike in the polynomial case, there may be infinitely many tropical roots; moreover, there can be at most two tropical roots of infinite multiplicity. We then apply the new theory by relating the inner and outer radii of convergence of a classical Laurent series to the behavior of the sequence of tropical roots of its tropicalization. Finally, as a second application, we discuss localization results both for roots of scalar functions that admit a local Laurent series expansion and for nonlinear eigenvalues of regular matrix valued functions that admit a local Laurent series expansion.


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