Trilevel Neural Architecture Search for Efficient Single Image Super-Resolution

by   Yan Wu, et al.

This paper proposes a trilevel neural architecture search (NAS) method for efficient single image super-resolution (SR). For that, we first define the discrete search space at three-level, i.e., at network-level, cell-level, and kernel-level (convolution-kernel). For modeling the discrete search space, we apply a new continuous relaxation on the discrete search spaces to build a hierarchical mixture of network-path, cell-operations, and kernel-width. Later an efficient search algorithm is proposed to perform optimization in a hierarchical supernet manner that provides a globally optimized and compressed network via joint convolution kernel width pruning, cell structure search, and network path optimization. Unlike current NAS methods, we exploit a sorted sparsestmax activation to let the three-level neural structures contribute sparsely. Consequently, our NAS optimization progressively converges to those neural structures with dominant contributions to the supernet. Additionally, our proposed optimization construction enables a simultaneous search and training in a single phase, which dramatically reduces search and train time compared to the traditional NAS algorithms. Experiments on the standard benchmark datasets demonstrate that our NAS algorithm provides SR models that are significantly lighter in terms of the number of parameters and FLOPS with PSNR value comparable to the current state-of-the-art.


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