Triggering Conditions Analysis and Use Case for Validation of ADAS/ADS Functions

Safety in the automotive domain is a well-known topic, which has been in constant development in the past years. The complexity of new systems that add more advanced components in each function has opened new trends that have to be covered from the safety perspective. In this case, not only specifications and requirements have to be covered but also scenarios, which cover all relevant information of the vehicle environment. Many of them are not yet still sufficient defined or considered. In this context, Safety of the Intended Functionality (SOTIF) appears to ensure the system when it might fail because of technological shortcomings or misuses by users. An identification of the plausibly insufficiencies of ADAS/ADS functions has to be done to discover the potential triggering conditions that can lead to these unknown scenarios, which might effect a hazardous behaviour. The main goal of this publication is the definition of an use case to identify these triggering conditions that have been applied to the collision avoidance function implemented in our self-developed mobile Hardware-in-Loop (HiL) platform.


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