Trends, Challenges and Adopted Strategies in RoboCup@Home

03/06/2019 ∙ by Mauricio Matamoros, et al. ∙ 0

Scientific competitions are crucial in the field of service robotics. They foster knowledge exchange and allow teams to test their research in unstandardized scenarios and compare result. Such is the case of RoboCup@Home. However, keeping track of all the technologies and solution approaches used by teams to solve the tests can be a challenge in itself. Moreover, after eleven years of competitions, it's easy to delve too much into the field, losing perspective and forgetting about the user's needs and long term goals. In this paper, we aim to tackle this problems by presenting a summary of the trending solutions and approaches used in RoboCup@Home, and discussing the attained achievements and challenges to overcome in relation with the progress required to fulfill the long-term goal of the league. Hence, considering the current capabilities of the robots and their limitations, we propose a set of milestones to address in upcoming competitions. With this work we lay the foundations towards the creation of roadmaps that can help to direct efforts in testing and benchmarking in robotics competitions.



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