TreeGAN: Incorporating Class Hierarchy into Image Generation

09/16/2020 ∙ by Ruisi Zhang, et al. ∙ 41

Conditional image generation (CIG) is a widely studied problem in computer vision and machine learning. Given a class, CIG takes the name of this class as input and generates a set of images that belong to this class. In existing CIG works, for different classes, their corresponding images are generated independently, without considering the relationship among classes. In real-world applications, the classes are organized into a hierarchy and their hierarchical relationships are informative for generating high-fidelity images. In this paper, we aim to leverage the class hierarchy for conditional image generation. We propose two ways of incorporating class hierarchy: prior control and post constraint. In prior control, we first encode the class hierarchy, then feed it as a prior into the conditional generator to generate images. In post constraint, after the images are generated, we measure their consistency with the class hierarchy and use the consistency score to guide the training of the generator. Based on these two ideas, we propose a TreeGAN model which consists of three modules: (1) a class hierarchy encoder (CHE) which takes the hierarchical structure of classes and their textual names as inputs and learns an embedding for each class; the embedding captures the hierarchical relationship among classes; (2) a conditional image generator (CIG) which takes the CHE-generated embedding of a class as input and generates a set of images belonging to this class; (3) a consistency checker which performs hierarchical classification on the generated images and checks whether the generated images are compatible with the class hierarchy; the consistency score is used to guide the CIG to generate hierarchy-compatible images. Experiments on various datasets demonstrate the effectiveness of our method.



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