TransSent: Towards Generation of Structured Sentences with Discourse Marker

by   Xing Wu, et al.

This paper focuses on the task of generating long structured sentences with explicit discourse markers, by proposing a new task Sentence Transfer and a novel model architecture TransSent. Previous works on text generation fused semantic and structure information in one mixed hidden representation. However, the structure was difficult to maintain properly when the generated sentence became longer. In this work, we explicitly separate the modeling process of semantic information and structure information. Intuitively, humans produce long sentences by directly connecting discourses with discourse markers like and, but, etc. We thus define a new task called Sentence Transfer. This task represents a long sentence as (head discourse, discourse marker, tail discourse) and aims at tail discourse generation based on head discourse and discourse marker. Then, by connecting original head discourse and generated tail discourse with a discourse marker, we generate a long structured sentence. We also propose a model architecture called TransSent, which models relations between two discourses by interpreting them as transferring from one discourse to the other in the embedding space. Experiment results show that our model achieves better performance in automatic evaluations, and can generate structured sentences with high quality. The datasets can be accessed by dataset.


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