Transmission operators for the non-overlapping Schwarz method for solving Helmholtz problems in rectangular cavities

by   Nicolas Marsic, et al.
Technische Universität Darmstadt
University of Liège

In this paper we discuss different transmission operators for the non-overlapping Schwarz method which are suited for solving the time-harmonic Helmholtz equation in cavities (i.e. closed domains which do not feature an outgoing wave condition). Such problems are heavily impacted by back-propagating waves which are often neglected when devising optimized transmission operators for the Schwarz method. This work explores new operators taking into account those back-propagating waves and compares them with well-established operators neglecting these contributions. Notably, this paper focuses on the case of rectangular cavities, as the optimal (non-local) transmission operator can be easily determined. Nonetheless, deviations from this ideal geometry are considered as well. In particular, computations of the acoustic noise in a three-dimensional model of the helium vessel of a beamline cryostat with optimized Schwarz schemes are discussed. Those computations show a reduction of 46 for cavities with those optimized for unbounded problems.


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