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Transition from physical to online shopping alternatives due to the COVID-19 pandemic

by   Claudia Andruetto, et al.

By using 530 responses from an online questionnaire, this study aims to investigate the transition from physical to online shopping alternatives during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic period at the individual level. The focus areas of the study are Sweden and Italy, two European countries that implemented contrasting prevention measures. This study analyses the impacts of the pandemic to the shopping behaviour and identifies, among the respondents, who have changed the behaviour the most, how respondents have adopted different shopping strategies, what the main differences between Italian and Swedish responses are and the influence of population density on the behavioural change. Multivariate statistical analyses, including linear and binary logistic regressions and multinomial logit models were used to analyse the dataset. The results confirm the differences between Italy and Sweden in terms of social distancing measures, social structures and technology readiness. Moreover, the socio-demographic and household structures of the respondents were found instrumental in influencing the amount and the direction of change in shopping behaviour during the first wave of the pandemic period. The output of this study highlights the impact that contrasting policies have on citizens, and also the importance of having policies that are adaptable to different situations.


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