Transforming the Output of Generative Pre-trained Transformer: The Influence of the PGI Framework on Attention Dynamics

by   Aline Ioste, et al.
Universidade de São Paulo

This paper presents a novel approach named Persona-Grouping-Intelligence (PGI), which has been crafted to tackle the challenges posed by GPT models when applied to real-world business issues. PGI leverages the inherent capabilities of the GPT model to comprehend intricate language structures and generate responses that are contextually relevant. The experiment occurred in a business scenario where human intelligence was being underutilized due to less optimized business processes. The primary objective of this approach is to leverage GPT models to reduce the workload on humans in tasks that are extensive, monotonous, and repetitive. Instead, the focus is redirected toward decision-making activities. Remarkably, the experiment yielded an accuracy rate of 93.81 the effectiveness of the PGI strategies. Effectively addressing the issue of underutilized human intelligence, this paradigm shift aligns business environments with dynamic machine intelligence, enabling them to navigate the intricacies of real-world challenges. This approach facilitates the practical utilization of these models to tackle actual problems. The methodology offers an opportunity to reshape the fundamental structure of business processes by seamlessly integrating human decision-making with adaptable machine intelligence. Consequently, this optimization enhances operational efficiency and elevates strategic decision-making across diverse business contexts.


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