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Transformers as Soft Reasoners over Language

by   Peter Clark, et al.
Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence

AI has long pursued the goal of having systems reason over *explicitly provided* knowledge, but building suitable representations has proved challenging. Here we explore whether transformers can similarly learn to reason (or emulate reasoning), but using rules expressed in language, thus bypassing a formal representation. We provide the first demonstration that this is possible, and characterize the extent of this capability. To do this, we use a collection of synthetic datasets that test increasing levels of reasoning complexity (number of rules, presence of negation, and depth of chaining). We find transformers appear to learn rule-based reasoning with high (99 on these datasets, and in a way that generalizes to test data requiring substantially deeper chaining than in the training data (95 demonstrate that the models transfer well to two hand-authored rulebases, and to rulebases paraphrased into more natural language. These findings are significant as it suggests a new role for transformers, namely as a limited "soft theorem prover" operating over explicit theories in language. This in turn suggests new possibilities for explainability, correctability, and counterfactual reasoning in question-answering. All datasets and a live demo are available at


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