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Transferred Q-learning

by   Elynn Y. Chen, et al.
Renmin University of China
NYU college
berkeley college

We consider Q-learning with knowledge transfer, using samples from a target reinforcement learning (RL) task as well as source samples from different but related RL tasks. We propose transfer learning algorithms for both batch and online Q-learning with offline source studies. The proposed transferred Q-learning algorithm contains a novel re-targeting step that enables vertical information-cascading along multiple steps in an RL task, besides the usual horizontal information-gathering as transfer learning (TL) for supervised learning. We establish the first theoretical justifications of TL in RL tasks by showing a faster rate of convergence of the Q function estimation in the offline RL transfer, and a lower regret bound in the offline-to-online RL transfer under certain similarity assumptions. Empirical evidences from both synthetic and real datasets are presented to back up the proposed algorithm and our theoretical results.


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