Transfer Learning-based Road Damage Detection for Multiple Countries

by   Deeksha Arya, et al.

Many municipalities and road authorities seek to implement automated evaluation of road damage. However, they often lack technology, know-how, and funds to afford state-of-the-art equipment for data collection and analysis of road damages. Although some countries, like Japan, have developed less expensive and readily available Smartphone-based methods for automatic road condition monitoring, other countries still struggle to find efficient solutions. This work makes the following contributions in this context. Firstly, it assesses the usability of the Japanese model for other countries. Secondly, it proposes a large-scale heterogeneous road damage dataset comprising 26620 images collected from multiple countries using smartphones. Thirdly, we propose generalized models capable of detecting and classifying road damages in more than one country. Lastly, we provide recommendations for readers, local agencies, and municipalities of other countries when one other country publishes its data and model for automatic road damage detection and classification. Our dataset is available at (



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A collation of 4 publicly available annotated road defect datasets and some code to help process the data.

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