TransCC: Transformer-based Multiple Illuminant Color Constancy Using Multitask Learning

by   Shuwei Li, et al.

Multi-illuminant color constancy is a challenging problem with only a few existing methods. For example, one prior work used a small set of predefined white balance settings and spatially blended among them, limiting the solution to predefined illuminations. Another method proposed a generative adversarial network and an angular loss, yet the performance is suboptimal due to the lack of regularization for multi-illumination colors. This paper introduces a transformer-based multi-task learning method to estimate single and multiple light colors from a single input image. To help our deep learning model have better cues of the light colors, achromatic-pixel detection, and edge detection are used as auxiliary tasks in our multi-task learning setting. By exploiting extracted content features from the input image as tokens, illuminant color correlations between pixels are learned by leveraging contextual information in our transformer. Our transformer approach is further assisted via a contrastive loss defined between the input, output, and ground truth. We demonstrate that our proposed model achieves 40.7 multi-illuminant color constancy method on a multi-illuminant dataset (LSMI). Moreover, our model maintains a robust performance on the single illuminant dataset (NUS-8) and provides 22.3 color constancy method.


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