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Trans-SVNet: Accurate Phase Recognition from Surgical Videos via Hybrid Embedding Aggregation Transformer

by   Xiaojie Gao, et al.

Real-time surgical phase recognition is a fundamental task in modern operating rooms. Previous works tackle this task relying on architectures arranged in spatio-temporal order, however, the supportive benefits of intermediate spatial features are not considered. In this paper, we introduce, for the first time in surgical workflow analysis, Transformer to reconsider the ignored complementary effects of spatial and temporal features for accurate surgical phase recognition. Our hybrid embedding aggregation Transformer fuses cleverly designed spatial and temporal embeddings by allowing for active queries based on spatial information from temporal embedding sequences. More importantly, our framework is lightweight and processes the hybrid embeddings in parallel to achieve a high inference speed. Our method is thoroughly validated on two large surgical video datasets, i.e., Cholec80 and M2CAI16 Challenge datasets, and significantly outperforms the state-of-the-art approaches at a processing speed of 91 fps.


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