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Train Feedfoward Neural Network with Layer-wise Adaptive Rate via Approximating Back-matching Propagation

by   Huishuai Zhang, et al.

Stochastic gradient descent (SGD) has achieved great success in training deep neural network, where the gradient is computed through back-propagation. However, the back-propagated values of different layers vary dramatically. This inconsistence of gradient magnitude across different layers renders optimization of deep neural network with a single learning rate problematic. We introduce the back-matching propagation which computes the backward values on the layer's parameter and the input by matching backward values on the layer's output. This leads to solving a bunch of least-squares problems, which requires high computational cost. We then reduce the back-matching propagation with approximations and propose an algorithm that turns to be the regular SGD with a layer-wise adaptive learning rate strategy. This allows an easy implementation of our algorithm in current machine learning frameworks equipped with auto-differentiation. We apply our algorithm in training modern deep neural networks and achieve favorable results over SGD.


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