Traffic Management of Autonomous Vehicles using Policy Based Deep Reinforcement Learning and Intelligent Routing

by   Anum Mushtaq, et al.

Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL) uses diverse, unstructured data and makes RL capable of learning complex policies in high dimensional environments. Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) based on Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) offers an excellent playground for policy-based DRL. Deep learning architectures solve computational challenges of traditional algorithms while helping in real-world adoption and deployment of AVs. One of the main challenges in AVs implementation is that it can worsen traffic congestion on roads if not reliably and efficiently managed. Considering each vehicle's holistic effect and using efficient and reliable techniques could genuinely help optimise traffic flow management and congestion reduction. For this purpose, we proposed a intelligent traffic control system that deals with complex traffic congestion scenarios at intersections and behind the intersections. We proposed a DRL-based signal control system that dynamically adjusts traffic signals according to the current congestion situation on intersections. To deal with the congestion on roads behind the intersection, we used re-routing technique to load balance the vehicles on road networks. To achieve the actual benefits of the proposed approach, we break down the data silos and use all the data coming from sensors, detectors, vehicles and roads in combination to achieve sustainable results. We used SUMO micro-simulator for our simulations. The significance of our proposed approach is manifested from the results.


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