Tracking of Fingertips and Centres of Palm using KINECT

04/17/2013 ∙ by J. L. Raheja, et al. ∙ 0

Hand Gesture is a popular way to interact or control machines and it has been implemented in many applications. The geometry of hand is such that it is hard to construct in virtual environment and control the joints but the functionality and DOF encourage researchers to make a hand like instrument. This paper presents a novel method for fingertips detection and centres of palms detection distinctly for both hands using MS KINECT in 3D from the input image. KINECT facilitates us by providing the depth information of foreground objects. The hands were segmented using the depth vector and centres of palms were detected using distance transformation on inverse image. This result would be used to feed the inputs to the robotic hands to emulate human hands operation.



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