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Tracking and Long-Term Identification Using Non-Visual Markers

by   Michael P. J. Camilleri, et al.

Our objective is to track and identify mice in a cluttered home-cage environment, as a precursor to automated behaviour recognition for biological research. This is a very challenging problem due to (i) the lack of distinguishing visual features for each mouse, and (ii) the close confines of the scene with constant occlusion, making standard visual tracking approaches unusable. However, a coarse estimate of each mouse's location is available from a unique RFID implant, so there is the potential to optimally combine information from (weak) tracking with coarse information on identity. To achieve our objective, we make the following key contributions: (a) the formulation of the identification problem as an assignment problem (solved using Integer Linear Programming), and (b) a novel probabilistic model of the affinity between tracklets and RFID data. The latter is a crucial part of the model, as it provides a principled probabilistic treatment of object detections given coarse localisation. Our approach achieves 77 identification problem, and is able to reject spurious detections when the animals are hidden.


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