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Towards Time-Aware Distant Supervision for Relation Extraction

by   Tianwen Jiang, et al.
Harbin Institute of Technology

Distant supervision for relation extraction heavily suffers from the wrong labeling problem. To alleviate this issue in news data with the timestamp, we take a new factor time into consideration and propose a novel time-aware distant supervision framework (Time-DS). Time-DS is composed of a time series instance-popularity and two strategies. Instance-popularity is to encode the strong relevance of time and true relation mention. Therefore, instance-popularity would be an effective clue to reduce the noises generated through distant supervision labeling. The two strategies, i.e., hard filter and curriculum learning are both ways to implement instance-popularity for better relation extraction in the manner of Time-DS. The curriculum learning is a more sophisticated and flexible way to exploit instance-popularity to eliminate the bad effects of noises, thus get better relation extraction performance. Experiments on our collected multi-source news corpus show that Time-DS achieves significant improvements for relation extraction.


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