Towards Successful Collaboration: Design Guidelines for AI-based Services enriching Information Systems in Organisations

by   Nicholas R. J. Frick, et al.

Information systems (IS) are widely used in organisations to improve business performance. The steady progression in improving technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and the need of securing future success of organisations lead to new requirements for IS. This research in progress firstly introduces the term AI-based services (AIBS) describing AI as a component enriching IS aiming at collaborating with employees and assisting in the execution of work-related tasks. The study derives requirements from ten expert interviews to successful design AIBS following Design Science Research (DSR). For a successful deployment of AIBS in organisations the D M IS Success Model will be considered to validated requirements within three major dimensions of quality: Information Quality, System Quality, and Service Quality. Amongst others, preliminary findings propose that AIBS must be preferably authentic. Further discussion and research on AIBS is forced, thus, providing first insights on the deployment of AIBS in organisations.


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