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Towards robust music source separation on loud commercial music

by   Chang-Bin Jeon, et al.
Seoul National University

Nowadays, commercial music has extreme loudness and heavily compressed dynamic range compared to the past. Yet, in music source separation, these characteristics have not been thoroughly considered, resulting in the domain mismatch between the laboratory and the real world. In this paper, we confirmed that this domain mismatch negatively affect the performance of the music source separation networks. To this end, we first created the out-of-domain evaluation datasets, musdb-L and XL, by mimicking the music mastering process. Then, we quantitatively verify that the performance of the state-of-the-art algorithms significantly deteriorated in our datasets. Lastly, we proposed LimitAug data augmentation method to reduce the domain mismatch, which utilizes an online limiter during the training data sampling process. We confirmed that it not only alleviates the performance degradation on our out-of-domain datasets, but also results in higher performance on in-domain data.


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