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Towards Rich, Portable, and Large-Scale Pedestrian Data Collection

by   Allan Wang, et al.
Carnegie Mellon University

Recently, pedestrian behavior research has shifted towards machine learning based methods and converged on the topic of modeling pedestrian interactions. For this, a large-scale dataset that contains rich information is needed. We propose a data collection system that is portable, which facilitates accessible large-scale data collection in diverse environments. We also couple the system with a semi-autonomous labeling pipeline for fast trajectory label production. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our system by further introducing a dataset we have collected – the TBD pedestrian dataset. Compared with existing pedestrian datasets, our dataset contains three components: human verified labels grounded in the metric space, a combination of top-down and perspective views, and naturalistic human behavior in the presence of a socially appropriate "robot". In addition, the TBD pedestrian dataset is larger in quantity compared to similar existing datasets and contains unique pedestrian behavior.


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