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Towards Reproducible Empirical Research in Meta-Learning

by   Adriano Rivolli, et al.
Universidade de São Paulo
Universidade do Porto
TU Eindhoven

Meta-learning is increasingly used to support the recommendation of machine learning algorithms and their configurations. Such recommendations are made based on meta-data, consisting of performance evaluations of algorithms on prior datasets, as well as characterizations of these datasets. These characterizations, also called meta-features, describe properties of the data which are predictive for the performance of machine learning algorithms trained on them. Unfortunately, despite being used in a large number of studies, meta-features are not uniformly described and computed, making many empirical studies irreproducible and hard to compare. This paper aims to remedy this by systematizing and standardizing data characterization measures used in meta-learning, and performing an in-depth analysis of their utility. Moreover, it presents MFE, a new tool for extracting meta-features from datasets and identify more subtle reproducibility issues in the literature, proposing guidelines for data characterization that strengthen reproducible empirical research in meta-learning.


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