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Towards Personalized Modeling of the Female Hormonal Cycle: Experiments with Mechanistic Models and Gaussian Processes

by   Iñigo Urteaga, et al.
Columbia University

In this paper, we introduce a novel task for machine learning in healthcare, namely personalized modeling of the female hormonal cycle. The motivation for this work is to model the hormonal cycle and predict its phases in time, both for healthy individuals and for those with disorders of the reproductive system. Because there are individual differences in the menstrual cycle, we are particularly interested in personalized models that can account for individual idiosyncracies, towards identifying phenotypes of menstrual cycles. As a first step, we consider the hormonal cycle as a set of observations through time. We use a previously validated mechanistic model to generate realistic hormonal patterns, and experiment with Gaussian process regression to estimate their values over time. Specifically, we are interested in the feasibility of predicting menstrual cycle phases under varying learning conditions: number of cycles used for training, hormonal measurement noise and sampling rates, and informed vs. agnostic sampling of hormonal measurements. Our results indicate that Gaussian processes can help model the female menstrual cycle. We discuss the implications of our experiments in the context of modeling the female menstrual cycle.


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