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Towards Optimisation of Collaborative Question Answering over Knowledge Graphs

by   Kuldeep Singh, et al.
University of Minnesota
University of Dayton
Nuance Communications
Technische Informationsbibliothek
University of Bonn

Collaborative Question Answering (CQA) frameworks for knowledge graphs aim at integrating existing question answering (QA) components for implementing sequences of QA tasks (i.e. QA pipelines). The research community has paid substantial attention to CQAs since they support reusability and scalability of the available components in addition to the flexibility of pipelines. CQA frameworks attempt to build such pipelines automatically by solving two optimisation problems: 1) local collective performance of QA components per QA task and 2) global performance of QA pipelines. In spite offering several advantages over monolithic QA systems, the effectiveness and efficiency of CQA frameworks in answering questions is limited. In this paper, we tackle the problem of local optimisation of CQA frameworks and propose a three fold approach, which applies feature selection techniques with supervised machine learning approaches in order to identify the best performing components efficiently. We have empirically evaluated our approach over existing benchmarks and compared to existing automatic CQA frameworks. The observed results provide evidence that our approach answers a higher number of questions than the state of the art while reducing: i) the number of used features by 50 and ii) the number of components used by 76


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