Towards mutual synchronization of serially connected Spin Torque Oscillators based on magnetic tunnel junctions

by   Piotr Rzeszut, et al.

Multiple neuromorphic applications require the tuning of two or more devices to a common signal. Various types of neuromorphic computation can be realized using spintronic oscillators, where the DC current induces magnetization precession, which turns into an AC voltage generator. However, in spintronics, synchronization of two oscillators using a DC signal is still a challenging problem because it requires a certain degree of similarity between devices that are to be synchronized, which may be difficult to achieve due to device parameter distribution during the fabrication process. In this work, we present experimental results on the mechanisms of synchronization of spin-torque oscillators. Devices are based on magnetic tunnel junction with a perpendicularly magnetized free layer and take advantage of a uniform magnetization precision in the presence of the magnetic field and a DC bias. By using an external microwave source, we show the optimal condition for the synchronization of the magnetic tunnel junctions. Finally, we present results on the in-series connection of two junctions and discuss the possible path towards improving oscillation power and linewidth. In addition, using numerical simulations of the coupled oscillators model, we aim to reproduce the conditions of the experiments and determine the tolerance for achieving synchronization.


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