Towards Model Agnostic Federated Learning Using Knowledge Distillation

by   Andrei Afonin, et al.

An often unquestioned assumption underlying most current federated learning algorithms is that all the participants use identical model architectures. In this work, we initiate a theoretical study of model agnostic communication protocols which would allow data holders (agents) using different models to collaborate with each other and perform federated learning. We focus on the setting where the two agents are attempting to perform kernel regression using different kernels (and hence have different models). Our study yields a surprising result – the most natural algorithm of using alternating knowledge distillation (AKD) imposes overly strong regularization and may lead to severe under-fitting. Our theory also shows an interesting connection between AKD and the alternating projection algorithm for finding intersection of sets. Leveraging this connection, we propose a new algorithms which improve upon AKD. Our theoretical predictions also closely match real world experiments using neural networks. Thus, our work proposes a rich yet tractable framework for analyzing and developing new practical model agnostic federated learning algorithms.



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