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Towards Human-Machine Cooperation: Self-supervised Sample Mining for Object Detection

by   Keze Wang, et al.
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Though quite challenging, leveraging large-scale unlabeled or partially labeled images in a cost-effective way has increasingly attracted interests for its great importance to computer vision. To tackle this problem, many Active Learning (AL) methods have been developed. However, these methods mainly define their sample selection criteria within a single image context, leading to the suboptimal robustness and impractical solution for large-scale object detection. In this paper, aiming to remedy the drawbacks of existing AL methods, we present a principled Self-supervised Sample Mining (SSM) process accounting for the real challenges in object detection. Specifically, our SSM process concentrates on automatically discovering and pseudo-labeling reliable region proposals for enhancing the object detector via the introduced cross image validation, i.e., pasting these proposals into different labeled images to comprehensively measure their values under different image contexts. By resorting to the SSM process, we propose a new AL framework for gradually incorporating unlabeled or partially labeled data into the model learning while minimizing the annotating effort of users. Extensive experiments on two public benchmarks clearly demonstrate our proposed framework can achieve the comparable performance to the state-of-the-art methods with significantly fewer annotations.


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Towards Human-Machine Cooperation: Self-supervised Sample Mining for Object Detection

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