Towards High Fidelity Face Relighting with Realistic Shadows

by   Andrew Hou, et al.

Existing face relighting methods often struggle with two problems: maintaining the local facial details of the subject and accurately removing and synthesizing shadows in the relit image, especially hard shadows. We propose a novel deep face relighting method that addresses both problems. Our method learns to predict the ratio (quotient) image between a source image and the target image with the desired lighting, allowing us to relight the image while maintaining the local facial details. During training, our model also learns to accurately modify shadows by using estimated shadow masks to emphasize on the high-contrast shadow borders. Furthermore, we introduce a method to use the shadow mask to estimate the ambient light intensity in an image, and are thus able to leverage multiple datasets during training with different global lighting intensities. With quantitative and qualitative evaluations on the Multi-PIE and FFHQ datasets, we demonstrate that our proposed method faithfully maintains the local facial details of the subject and can accurately handle hard shadows while achieving state-of-the-art face relighting performance.


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