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Towards dual consistency of the dual weighted residual method based on a Newton-GMG framework for steady Euler equations

by   Jingfeng Wang, et al.

The dual consistency, which is an important issue in developing dual-weighted residual error estimation towards the goal-oriented mesh adaptivity, is studied in this paper both theoretically and numerically. Based on the Newton-GMG solver, dual consistency had been discussed in detail to solve the steady Euler equations. Theoretically, based on the Petrov-Galerkin method, the primal and dual problems, as well as the dual consistency, are deeply studied. It is found that dual consistency is important both for error estimation and stable convergence rate for the quantity of interest. Numerically, through the boundary modification technique, dual consistency can be guaranteed for the problem with general configuration. The advantage of taking care of dual consistency on the Newton-GMG framework can be observed clearly from numerical experiments, in which an order of magnitude savings of mesh grids can be expected for calculating the quantity of interest, compared with the dual-inconsistent implementation. Besides, the convergence behavior from the dual-consistent algorithm is stable, which guarantees the precisions would be better with the refinement in this framework.


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