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Towards Cost-Optimal Policies for DAGs to Utilize IaaS Clouds with Online Learning

by   Xiaohu Wu, et al.
Nanjing University
Nanyang Technological University
Imperial College London

Premier cloud service providers (CSPs) offer two types of purchase options, namely on-demand and spot instances, with time-varying features in availability and price. Users like startups have to operate on a limited budget and similarly others hope to reduce their costs. While interacting with a CSP, central to their concerns is the process of cost-effectively utilizing different purchase options possibly in addition to self-owned instances. A job in data-intensive applications is typically represented by a directed acyclic graph which can further be transformed into a chain of tasks. The key to achieving cost efficiency is determining the allocation of a specific deadline to each task, as well as the allocation of different types of instances to the task. In this paper, we propose a framework that determines the optimal allocation of deadlines to tasks. The framework also features an optimal policy to determine the allocation of spot and on-demand instances in a predefined time window, and a near-optimal policy for allocating self-owned instances. The policies are designed to be parametric to support the usage of online learning to infer the optimal values against the dynamics of cloud markets. Finally, several intuitive heuristics are used as baselines to validate the cost improvement brought by the proposed solutions. We show that the cost improvement over the state-of-the-art is up to 24.87 instances are considered and up to 59.05 considered.


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