Towards Conversational Humor Analysis and Design

02/28/2021 ∙ by Tanishq Chaudhary, et al. ∙ 0

Well-defined jokes can be divided neatly into a setup and a punchline. While most works on humor today talk about a joke as a whole, the idea of generating punchlines to a setup has applications in conversational humor, where funny remarks usually occur with a non-funny context. Thus, this paper is based around two core concepts: Classification and the Generation of a punchline from a particular setup based on the Incongruity Theory. We first implement a feature-based machine learning model to classify humor. For humor generation, we use a neural model, and then merge the classical rule-based approaches with the neural approach to create a hybrid model. The idea behind being: combining insights gained from other tasks with the setup-punchline model and thus applying it to existing text generation approaches. We then use and compare our model with human written jokes with the help of human evaluators in a double-blind study.



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