Towards Class-incremental Object Detection with Nearest Mean of Exemplars

by   Sheng Ren, et al.

Object detection has been widely used in the field of Internet, and deep learning plays a very important role in object detection. However, the existing object detection methods need to be trained in the static setting, which requires obtaining all the data at one time, and it does not support training in the way of class-incremental. In this paper, an object detection framework named class-incremental object detection (CIOD) is proposed. CIOD divides object detection into two stages. Firstly, the traditional OpenCV cascade classifier is improved in the object candidate box generation stage to meet the needs of class increment. Secondly, we use the concept of prototype vector on the basis of deep learning to train a classifier based on class-incremental to identify the generated object candidate box, so as to extract the real object box. A large number of experiments on CIOD have been carried out to verify that CIOD can detect the object in the way of class-incremental and can control the training time and memory capacity.



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