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Towards Blockchain-enabled Open Architectures for Scalable Digital Asset Platforms

by   Denis Avrilionis, et al.

Today there is considerable interest in deploying blockchains and decentralized ledger technology as a means to address the deficiencies of current financial and digital asset infrastructures. The focal point of attention in many projects on digital asset and cryptocurrency is centered around blockchain systems and smart contracts. Many projects seek to make the blockchain as the centerpiece of the new decentralized world of finance. However, several roadblocks and challenges currently face this predominant blockchain-centric view. In this paper we argue that the proper and correct perspective on decentralized economy should be one that is asset-centric, where the goal should be the consistent lifecycle management of assets in the real-world with their digital representation on the blockchain. We introduce the notion of the digital twin to capture the relationship between a real-world asset and its on-chain representation. A digital twin container is utilized to permit off-chain state persistence and on-chain state traceability, where the container can be deployed on the blockchain as well as on traditional application servers. The digital twin container becomes the bridge between legacy infrastructures and the newly emergent blockchain infrastructures, permitting legacy systems to interoperate consistently with blockchain systems. We believe this asset-centric view to be the correct evolutionary direction for the nascent field of blockchains and decentralized ledger technology.


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