Towards an Interoperable Identity Management Framework: a Comparative Study

by   Samia El Haddouti, et al.

The development of services and the growing demand for resources sharing among users from different organizations with some level of affinity have motivated the creation of Identity Management Systems. Identity Management has gained significant attention in recent years in the form of several projects producing many standards, prototypes and application models both in the academia and the industry. However, the interoperability between different Identity Management Solutions is still a complex challenge yet to achieve. The user can only use one Identity Provider within a single Service Provider session, when in many scenarios the user needs to provide attributes from multiple Identity Providers. This paper presents the state of the art of our researches and it focuses on two main topics: first, to provide a detailed study about the Identity Management and the integrated disciplines and technologies in general; secondly, to summarize the main approaches that have been proposed to overcome the interoperability challenge.



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