Towards a trustful digital world: exploring self-sovereign identity ecosystems

by   Gabriella Laatikainen, et al.

In the current global situation-burdened by, among others, a vast number of people without formal identification, digital leap, the need for health passports and contact tracking applications-providing private and secure digital identity for individuals, organizations and other entities is crucial. The emerging self-sovereign identity (SSI) solutions rely on distributed ledger technologies and verifiable credentials and have the potential to enable trustful digital interactions. In this human-centric paradigm, trust among actors can be established in a decentralized manner while the identity holders are able to own and control their confidential data. In this paper, we build on observations gathered in a field study to identify the building blocks, antecedents and possible outcomes of SSI ecosystems. We also showcase opportunities for researchers and practitioners to investigate this phenomenon from a wide range of domains and theories, such as the digital innovation ecosystems, value co-creation, surveillance theory, or entrepreneurship theories.



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