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Towards 3D Human Shape Recovery Under Clothing

by   Xin Chen, et al.

We present a learning-based scheme for robustly and accurately estimating clothing fitness as well as the human shape on clothed 3D human scans. Our approach maps the clothed human geometry to a geometry image that we call clothed-GI. To align clothed-GI under different clothing, we extend the parametric human model and employ skeleton detection and warping for reliable alignment. For each pixel on the clothed-GI, we extract a feature vector including color/texture, position, normal, etc. and train a modified conditional GAN network for per-pixel fitness prediction using a comprehensive 3D clothing. Our technique significantly improves the accuracy of human shape prediction, especially under loose and fitted clothing. We further demonstrate using our results for human/clothing segmentation and virtual clothes fitting at a high visual realism.


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