Toward Real-time Analysis of Experimental Science Workloads on Geographically Distributed Supercomputers

05/13/2021 ∙ by Michael Salim, et al. ∙ 0

Massive upgrades to science infrastructure are driving data velocities upwards while stimulating adoption of increasingly data-intensive analytics. While next-generation exascale supercomputers promise strong support for I/O-intensive workflows, HPC remains largely untapped by live experiments, because data transfers and disparate batch-queueing policies are prohibitive when faced with scarce instrument time. To bridge this divide, we introduce Balsam: a distributed orchestration platform enabling workflows at the edge to securely and efficiently trigger analytics tasks across a user-managed federation of HPC execution sites. We describe the architecture of the Balsam service, which provides a workflow management API, and distributed sites that provision resources and schedule scalable, fault-tolerant execution. We demonstrate Balsam in efficiently scaling real-time analytics from two DOE light sources simultaneously onto three supercomputers (Theta, Summit, and Cori), while maintaining low overheads for on-demand computing, and providing a Python library for seamless integration with existing ecosystems of data analysis tools.



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