Toward Optimal Performance with Network Assisted TCP at Mobile Edge

by   Soheil Abbasloo, et al.

In contrast to the classic fashion for designing distributed end-to-end (e2e) TCP schemes for cellular networks (CN), we explore another design space by having the CN assist the task of the transport control. We show that in the emerging cellular architectures such as mobile/multi-access edge computing (MEC), where the servers are located close to the radio access network (RAN), significant improvements can be achieved by leveraging the nature of the logically centralized network measurements at the RAN and passing information such as its minimum e2e delay and access link capacity to each server. Particularly, a Network Assistance module (located at the mobile edge) will pair up with wireless scheduler to provide feedback information to each server and facilitate the task of congestion control. To that end, we present two Network Assisted schemes called NATCP (a clean-slate design replacing TCP at end-hosts) and NACubic (a backward compatible design requiring no change for TCP at end-hosts). Our preliminary evaluations using real cellular traces show that both schemes dramatically outperform existing schemes both in single-flow and multi-flow scenarios.


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